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Quality Policy

SBSS Consulting, as a leading company in providing information systems consulting, business and management support, is aware of its corporate responsibility and assumes quality as a key factor in the company’s culture.

We understand, therefore, that it is our duty to make a commitment to continually improve the quality of our processes and services in order to fully meet our customers’ needs and achieve the company’s overall objectives, thereby consolidating the company’s name. in the market.

Thus, the SBSS Consulting Quality Policy is based on the following points:

1. Establish and maintain agreements with highly recognized Suppliers and Partners in the national and global market;

2. Ensure high integration capacity and strong technical competence in delivery to customers;

3. Ensure the satisfaction of our customers by creating a relationship of mutual trust and partnership;

4. Add value by providing IT service solutions, meeting the specific needs of each Customer in alignment with the highest standards of quality, availability and technological development;

5. Foster Continual Improvement in the company.

This challenge aims to ensure the operation of the Quality Management System, based on the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, which ensures compliance with the legal and statutory customer requirements of processes and services in a perspective of continuous improvement.

SBSS also defines the following partial policies:

Information Security Policy

Ensuring information security throughout the business cycle, from planning new services / features to complying with laws and regulations, risk assessment, accessibility control, business capability and continuity to ensure integrity, availability and confidentiality of information;

Costing and Budgeting Policy

Establish as a policy for the costing and budgeting of IT services a costing model that allows, under competitive conditions, better respond to the market, making a commitment to promote the financial sustainability of the business.

Releases Policy

Ensure all release aspects, from initial planning to distribution, testing and final installation, through a systematic control structure that includes recording and archiving the change or changes contained in the release.

Change Policy

SBSS ensures that changes to services, their applications and infrastructure are planned and controlled without unnecessary interruption;

Ensures that all changes are evaluated, approved, implemented and reviewed in a controlled manner;

It establishes as a policy that emergency changes due to their exceptional characteristics are treated differently. Responsibility for managing such situations lies with the Director of the respective Area of ​​Responsibility, who establishes and communicates the actions to be developed so that immediate and most critical needs are re-established.

Service Continuity Management Policy

Ensure reliable service availability and continuity management by ensuring that resource failures associated with IT service delivery are efficiently managed, and service levels restored within agreed SLAs through Contingency Plans and of Availability established for this purpose.

Capacity Management Policy

Ensure IT resources tailored to service needs to ensure contracted levels;

Should business developments so require, SBSS will make the resources available appropriately, taking into account their costing and budgeting.