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Let The Tiles Tell You The Details


Remember that time when your boss asked you how many open orders are on your plate? And what about the open deliveries? Do you know the current number? Well, no need to drop everything and generate reports. Just look at the Web client tile. It will tell you:

The marketing documents tiles display the number of open documents of the respective type for the current user, in the given time frame. In the above example, we see that 40 minutes ago the current user had 276 open sales orders. Clicking on the timing counter at the bottom of a tile will display the updated number of the open documents for the current user, and reset the timeline to “now”:

To show the up-to-date number for specific document type, click the respective tile. If you want to update the numbers in all of the tiles at once, click the “refresh” icon for your browser.

Available in the Web client for SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA PL00.


From Ari Schapira | LinkedIn