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SAP’s best-selling ERP solution by number of customers

“SAP Business One is certainly here to stay. SAP’s volume business happens in the midmarket. It’s here where we win thousands of net-new names for the growing SAP family thanks to SAP Business One. We need to keep that momentum going.”💬

Jan Gilg, President and Chief Product Officer, Cloud ERP, SAP SE (Abril de 2024, SAP Partner Summit for SME, Madrid, Espanha)

Discover the power of SAP Business One, the undisputed leader among ERP systems for the SME segment. 🌍 With a global presence in more than 170 countries, supported by a solid network of more than 850 partners and ~300 experts offering more than 500 customized solutions, SAP Business One is the trusted choice for companies seeking growth, efficiency and innovation. 🚀