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ALCE | Success Case

The company ALCE Alumínios successfully implemented the SAP Business One metalworking solution in just 5 weeks.

Supported by SAP Business One ERP for PME’s, ALCE has met the following ERP objectives for starting up the new business:

  • Provide full color, finish / size configurable aluminum solutions tailored to customer needs.
  • Streamline the entire logistics process, from the purchase of raw materials, outsourcing services and in-house production of high quality products.


These are the main features provided by SBSS Consulting’s SAP solution for the metalworking area:

  • Product configuration by attributes (color, size, finish, etc.) in raw materials and finished products.
  • Production management with order grouping (M2O) for production optimization and customer shipment.
  • Price management / production subcontracting, with pricing by suppliers / product type.
  • Mobility solution (Android / iOS) to streamline business teams in selling products.


Contact us for more information about this solution in the area of ​​metalworking.