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SAP Business One: Update Serial Batches for More Documents

In inventory and inventory management, you need to pay special attention when you have items with serial or lot numbers. Similar to other aspects of the business, following well-defined processes and keeping records of each step are keys to a successful operation. However, to improve the monitoring and traceability of serial and batch numbers, SAP Business One expands the number of documents covered by the “Update Existing Serial or Batch Numbers” functionality:

Through this SAP functionality, the option to update serial or batch numbers for “Warehouse Transfer Orders and A/R Reservation Invoices” is now included in order to benefit from the “Manage Batches and Manage Serial Numbers” functionality. Furthermore, when using batch or serial number management, the code and name of the destination warehouses can be displayed under the respective “Form Settings” window:

This functionality is available in SAP Business One 10.0 and SAP Business One 10.0 on SAP HANA.

Written by Ari Schapira