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Special prices for Business Partners

Even with the end of the holidays and the first month of the year coming to an end, we can’t forget the goals that we set on January 1st. A forecast for a different and better year than the previous one is what is always expected! It is in the first month of the year that you start planning your vacations, goals, following a healthy path and becoming better than your previous versions. It’s easy to set goals, what is hard is to stick to them! Don’t miss the beat in February, we are still in the beginning. Be ambitious and consistent with your goals and try to get around the difficulties of everyday life, to 2024 don’t be a photocopy of 2023. One problem at a time, to ease the tension of everyday life, SAP Business One offers always the most flexible options.

This time, we discuss the special prices for business partners theme. Sometimes, becomes difficult when we manage different advantages to different business partners, so, we release this tip to allow you to define special prices using multiple and flexible criteria. You will now be able to assign a discount percentage to a range of selected items that are applied to specific business partners during a defined date range:

But there’s more. If you want to offer more dynamic pricing, you can still offer period discounts or volume discounts. For example, let’s say the volume of sales of J.B. Officeprint 1186 printers doesn’t match with your goals and you want to make some more attractive offers. In the “Period discounts” window, which you can access by double-clicking on the article in question in the “Special prices for business partners” window, you can define several date ranges, where the discount rate is higher. By double-clicking on the selected row in the “Period discounts” window, you can still set a volume discount to be applied within a desired date range:

Once you’ve set up the best possible offers, you can use the “Copy Special Prices” feature to apply the settings to different business partners or a different range of items.

Available in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One.


Written by Ari Shapira | LinkedIn