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Need More Info? Check “Row Details”

“Less is More” is what everyone says in various aspects of life – it’s used to encourage minimalism, reduce consumption, set guidelines for scenography, etc. But sometimes, when you need more – more information, more data, more insights – less is…. well, less! To get easy the way to search more information and details, SAP Business One offers to you the most different functionalities. This time, in order to obtains more details about each line of your marketing documents, purchase or sales, SAP Business One shows “Row Details” functionality.

Double-click on the document line (alternatively, use the context menu or press CTRL+L) to open the “Row Details” window, allowing you to view specific line details. Some of them will be available for updating, while others will appear in read mode only, depending on the status of the document, for example, it may vary if the document is in Open or Closed status. Note that when you update a field, the new value is entered immediately, and there is no button that indicates “Update” or “Ok” as is the usual scenario. Using the up and down arrows at the top of the window, you can easily review all the lines in the document, and the selected line will always be highlighted in the document window.
In addition, you can choose which fields you want to display in the “Row Details” window and define their sequence, using the “Form Settings” window > the “Row Format” tab:

Selecting different sets of columns and fields to show in the document preview window and in the Row Details window allows you to create a complementary view, giving you more personalized information tailored to your daily needs.

Available in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and SAP Business One.


Written by Ari Shapira | LinkedIn