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TIP OF THE WEEK (12.2024 EN)

When One Item Has Multiple Codes

Some products, such as unique diamond jewelry or patented medicines, can only be purchased through the specific supplier, but these are rare cases. Nowadays, most products are provided by various suppliers and brands, although they have the same qualities, for example, matches, paper clips, etc. While you’re dealing with an inventory, it’s possible that a product will come from more suppliers or supplies to key customers, in which case you may need to use marketing documents for the product code assigned by each supplier or customer. To enable you to maintain different item codes per vendor or customer and continue to manage inventory for a single item, SAP Business One allows you to define multiple BP catalog numbers for each item:

Using the SAP ERP software, you can define catalog numbers for various products for business partners and select the “Print BP catalog number on documents” checkbox, if necessary, define several catalog numbers per article for several business partners. The BP Catalog Number can be displayed in its column in all marketing documents, and in the Form Settings window, you can select the “Print BP Catalog Number” option:

BP catalog numbers are not like the unique code you assign to each product, these can be changed at any time. If updating is required, you can use the “Global Update for BP Catalog Numbers” feature, where you can update BP catalog numbers by various intervals:

Available in SAP Business One and SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.


Written by Ari Schapira | Linkedin