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Set Period Unloked Except Sales

Transition phases always bring challenges and open room for errors. For example, when posting period ends but not yet closed. You want to keep it open so the last purchasing documents can be recorded, and on the other hand you need to notify everyone to make sure they don’t create any sales documents in the previous period by mistake. To increase transparency and prevent human errors, SAP Business One enables you to set the status of a posting period that just ended to “Unlocked Except Sales”:

This way, users with the authorization “Period Status: Unlocked Except Sales” can record purchasing transactions in the previous period, while recording sales activities to the given period is blocked. Once all the late transactions are recorded, you may set the status of the posting period to “Closing Period”. In this stage, only users with the authorization “Period Status: Closing Period” may record transactions to the posting period.

Available from SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA and MSSQL.


From Ari Schapira | LinkedIn